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Muthu Kumaran

Web Developer - Father - Chef - Gamer

My Work

AEM Front-end Workflow using Gulp

AEM Front-end Workflow using Gulp

Scramble - A Vue.js Game

Scramble - A Vue.js Game

Vue.Js - Todo App Using Vuex - Part 2

Vue.js - Part 2 - Vuex

Vue.Js - Simple Todo App - Part 1

Vue.js - Part 1

CSS Varaibles

CSS variable

Flappy Pacman - The Game

Flappy Pacman


My name is Muthu Kumaran and I'm a front-end developer from India. Currently working for Sapient. I've been 11 years into web development, specialized in HTML/CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I love to code especially playing with JavaScript.

A live wire person. A good mentor, coach and also a great developer. Also a great problem solver. Always looks thing in the bright side. People likes my sense of humor and my comic timing. My ideas focus on simplicity, not complicating solutions, and ooze creative thought. I can even code in half sleep. A very creative and approachable person.

Active contributor in Stack Overflow

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Contact Me

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